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Yucca Valley is for Lovers

Yucca Valley is for Lovers

Listen. I had my angsty phase in high school and when I was in the thick of it, Ohio is for Lovers was my motha fuckin' jam. So my question for you is... why just Ohio? A few weeks ago I escaped Phoenix for the Yucca Valley and had the most delightful, soul-searching, car-crying, exploring weekend. It was so damn good. I imagine if I currently had a lover, it would have been the perfect place to take him. But I'm currently romancing myself and god damn do I know how to treat a lady or whaaaat?


I didn't really have a desire to commit to a plan for this trip (lol a trip I booked a few days before I left). BUT, I'm trying to be better about doing a bit of research before I fall into a new town. My friend Jon turned me on to Atlas Obscura for finding strange attractions ALL OVER THE WORLD so I mapped out a few spots that seemed interesting but left my weekend wide open for other opportunities.

Yucca Valley Travel Guide-3.jpg
Yucca Valley Travel Guide-21.jpg

I really love the high desert. Joshua Tree and the Yucca Valley are full of strange sights to see, fun mid-century modern buildings, and the most charming little shops and restaurants. On my way in, I visited the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum (shoutout to Atlas Obscura for this one). The sculptures were created by Noah Purifoy using found items and span almost 10 acres in the desert not far from the Joshua Tree National Park. It took Noah nearly 15 years to complete and it's absolutely incredible to wander through everything and imagine the amount of work that went into it.

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After I got to my Air BnB, I was STARVING. My amazing hosts pointed me towards dinner at La Copine. The chef competed on Chopped and the kitchen was full of women, which I loved, and it's honestly one of the best meals I've ever had in my life.

Yucca Valley Travel Guide-8.jpg
Yucca Valley Travel Guide-9.jpg

I took some good ol' fashioned nudie photos in my Air BnB (which featured a port o' potty in lieu of a bathroom). Then spent the remainder of my wine buzz booking a spontaneous trip to Chicago and aggressively texting everyone I know. If you know me at all, you know that when I drink all I want to do is get chatty as hell with...everyone...


On my way out of town, I stopped by The End. This vintage shop is full of the most beautifully curated pieces alongside quirky tee's (which I obviously bought). I loved the fun murals on the building itself and if the street had been less busy I would have taken about 700 selfies up against it.

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The Yucca Valley has this calming atmosphere. I drove into town feeling upset and conflicted and needing to take some time to heal my soul and I drove out feeling refreshed. I love the way the quiet wraps itself around you in the desert and the way the wind whipped past my window all night long. It's only a 4 hour drive from home for me and I can't wait to get back again.

Hot Honey Chicken with Fried Bread and Raddichio

Hot Honey Chicken with Fried Bread and Raddichio

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